Military History Q&A Series Q7

Brett’s Question: Watching “the King’s Choice”. What is a brief summary of World War II in Scandinavia?

Before I give my answer, here is some context about The King’s Choice.  This is a dramatization of the King of Norway’s decision just before the German invasion on April 9, 1940.

My answer:

A very brief summary of the 4 nations that make up Scandinavia:


Denmark: Invaded and occupied by the Germans in 1940. Collaborated with the Germans during 1940-1945. Liberated by the British in 1945.


Finland: Allied with the Germans but not officially an Axis Power. After signing a separate peace with Moscow, fought to expel the Germans in Finland. See earlier post by Jonas.


Norway: Invaded and occupied by the Germans in 1940. Collaborated with the Germans. Introduced the word “quisling” (or traitor) into the English vocabulary after Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian official who actively collaborated with the Germans. Still held by the Germans in May 1945 and officially surrendered to Allies. The Norwegian royal family living in exile in England returned to restore law and order.


Sweden: Officially neutral

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