Thoughts at Twilight

What do you think is the toughest time in a day? Some would argue that the most difficult times in a day at the office. Others would say dealing with screaming kids or fighting with your spouse or partner. All that could be true, but I want to point out that being alone with our […]

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A Marine Anniversary

In the stress of my new job, there was an auspicious anniversary that I missed last week. On February 23, 1945, the Marines raised the American flag over Mount Suribachi on the tiny Japanese island called Iwo Jima. The iconic photo was possibly one of the most famous pictures of World War 2. This year […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q18

I’m back! After several weeks of not writing about military history but rather book reviews, AND several weeks of international travel to SE Asia and Orlando, I’m continuing the back and forth I had with my coworker from several months ago. Brett’s Question: Didn’t the other European countries notice the Germans ramping up their military? […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q17

Brett’s Question: How did the allies do reconstruction differently after WW2 to avoid another “post WW1 catastrophe”? Justin’s answer: The difference between 1919 and 1945 was very different. In 1919-20, the Germans and the Russians made a separate peace while the US decided to pull away from European affairs. In WW1, the Western allies kept […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q16

Brett’s Question: How was Switzerland able to successfully stay neutral and avoid Invasion by Germany? Picture: Map of Europe in June 1944 (before D-Day); notice Switzerland’s geopolitical position. Justin’s answer: Armed neutrality. Heavily armed neutrality. First, the Swiss had mined every approach and placed demolition charges on every bridge leading from Germany into Switzerland. If […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q15

As for today, my friend Brett has asked over 20 questions! But again, every now and then, I help him along. The question: How did Americans die in World War 2 before December 7, 1941? Before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Americans were already fighting and dying in combat. In China and […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q14

Brett’s Question: What did the Japanese hope to gain by attacking the US?   Justin’s Answer: Economics Japan as an island nation required everything to be imported. They had already seized Manchuria and parts of northern China. However, the top Japanese military officials were hopelessly divided; the Army wanted one strategy and the Navy wanted […]

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