Use Your Imagination?

Question: What do you think when you see this famous picture? Here’s another way to ask the same question: which memes come to mind? Like this one? I am highly certain that what separates humans from animals is imagination. When a bear sees a salmon, his only thought is to eat it raw. When I […]

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Lessons from Horror Movies

Every year, without fail, from mid-September until October 31, pretty much every channel not airing sports or documentaries will be showing a horror movie. Some are classic while others are newer releases. Furthermore, to get into the mood of the season, The Food Network and Cooking Channel air all their Halloween themed baking or cooking […]

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Words, Words, and More Words

This is my first post in October 2020 and if you are the few faithful followers, apologies. It has been a busy three weeks at work as my team was focused on getting ready for a new product release. Then there were personal matters and other distractions. You probably have noticed that I have not […]

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Dealing with Shame

Shame is something that we hardly discuss as men but we all deal with it. Some of us are just very good at hiding our shame. Some of us hide because of our shame. However, we have the power to overcome shame. Case in point: during our church’s Men’s Retreat on Catalina Island in 2016, […]

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The Stories We Tell

I am fascinated by the stories we tell, not just those on Hollywood or on TV. Furthermore, each year, I participate in National Novel Writing Month in November (NaNoWriMo). During NaNoWriMo, the site has a forum where other authors share their progress, frustrations, ideas, and ask for help on fixing a scene or making a […]

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Broken Hearts

I have a broken heart and I dare say, so do you, and everyone in the world. I am not talking about broken romantic relationships, although that could be true. Just look at how many Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies there are, but I think that is only the tip of the iceberg. If there […]

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Okinawa the Sequel

Yesterday, I had talked about my trip to Okinawa back in July 2009. There was so much to cover that I decided to write a sequel covering Days 3 and 4. During the third day on the island, for the most part, most of us were used to the food, used being on on a […]

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Okinawa… Oh So Long Ago

As part of #throwbackThursday, I am looking back to my trip to Okinawa back in July 2009. I am having a really hard time believing that was eleven years ago. So much has happened since. My interest in Okinawa began due to my passion in World War 2 history. I am much more familiar with […]

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What’s Your Narrative?

Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories are neither good nor bad; they are just our stories. However, no one has enough time in the world to tell our life stories. Rather, to get to know each other in bits and pieces, we often ask icebreaker questions. These are short, provocative questions – where […]

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