Did You Forget Something?

If you read my last post about leadership and worship, you might recall it was about what a leader worship. Some leaders worship fame, others power, and some even themselves. I gave two case studies: Joshua the Hebrew leader after Moses, and General Douglas MacArthur. One worshiped God and the other forgot that he ultimately […]

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When a Leader Worships

“Still can’t sleep?” asked Caleb. He gestured towards the west. In the predawn hours, the city of Jericho could be seen in the moonlight. The city’s high walls and several taller buildings were black and stood out. The sun had not yet risen, but there was enough light. “No. You know I haven’t slept well […]

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Getting Ready The Right Way

I took a short break from writing about I am learning about leadership and spiritual warfare in the book of Joshua. Instead, I honored the fallen on D-Day in a post called Honor, Courage, and Commitment – the code for the US Navy. After that, it’s time to get back to reading the OT book […]

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Honor, Courage, and Commitment

Today is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day in Europe. Three paratroop divisions, plus several dozen infantry divisions, supported by the biggest naval armada ever assembled – all landed in a narrow corridor on a beach in Normandy France. You had to have been there to realize the immense sacrifice and the courage to move […]

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Archaeology of My Life

Sunday afternoon, I decided to do some late spring cleaning. This meant going through this one old box and see what is inside. The box contained a whole bunch of brown manila envelopes full of papers. This is what I found: Old photos from 2005. Congratulations cards from 2005 Credit card statements from 2005-2006. Bank […]

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