The Humble King

This is the first week of Advent and I have to admit that it sneaked up on me this year. There I was in church yesterday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when my pastor said: “We are taking a break from our Matthew series to celebrate the first week of Advent. The theme is Sent.” Huh. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

As I write this, Thanksgiving Thursday is almost over. Our family had a luncheon this year with my cousin and her husband and a newly hired pastor at my mother’s church and his family. Although the pandemic is not quite over, everyone feels like it is safe again to have larger gatherings. The better news […]

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No Vax, No Service, No Job??

The recent debates over the vaccine mandates and whether the government can or cannot force businesses to deny services based on a “vaccine passport” has reached new heights. Yesterday, I read that San Francisco health department has shut down an In N Out restaurant for not checking whether its customers were vaccinated. The city found […]

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What Is The Difference?

Culture at large says the problem is the environment and the solution is inward.¬†Christianity says the problem is inside and the solution from the outside. Culture says change the environment and the environment changes the individual.¬†Christianity says change the individual and he will change the environment.¬† Culture focuses on the material and dismisses the spiritual.¬†Christianity […]

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Coronavirus versus the Church 2

Last year, I wrote a post called: Coronavirus versus the Church. It was dated March 14, 2020. The shelter-in-place order had not yet been announced but I remember that my church decided to cancel services and watch a recorded sermon. I remember that the sermon was filmed the pastor’s back patio or home office. The […]

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Review: The Second Death

The Second Death by Peter Tremayne My rating: 4 of 5 stars Peter Tremayne must be using a formula to write Sister Fidelma stories: include one or more of the following elements: 1. New Faith (Christianity) versus Old Faith (pagan/ Druidism);2. Celtic Church versus Roman Church;3. Muman-Laighn-Osraige (who should Osraige pay tribute to);4. Tensions over […]

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Digging up the Past

As a historian, I am interested in learning more about the past. When I was in middle school, I read a lot of books on the western islands in Greece because I wanted to learn more where the “real” Ithaca was. Why? I had just finished reading The Odyssey for the first time. We know […]

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Review: Grant Takes Command

Grant Takes Command by Bruce Catton My rating: 5 of 5 stars Ulysses S. Grant is one of those exceptional individuals and rare generals in American history. He was incredibly humble compared to his colleagues like McClellan, Roscrans, Hooker, and Burnside. Even better, he was much more capable than all of them combined. Perhaps his […]

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Making Peace with Your Past

Earlier this year, I wrote a post called Painful Anniversaries where I related how several past events still cause trauma and flashbacks. They are a mild form of PTSD and until we give ourselves time to heal, we will just be stumbling from pain to pain. Recently, I watched an archived short interview with Major […]

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