A year of changes

2014 has been a year of big changes.

1. My grandfather passed away. He was 94 years old.

2. I changed departments in the same company. It was time to go. But then, the opportunity to change departments came and I took. Looking back, it was the right decision.

3. Using the inheritance from my grandfather, our family bought a second house – with me and my brother as the primary homeowners.

Some people think that a new house is part of the American Dream. Maybe. This guy I know, he ranted against the American Dream, calling debt practically slavery. Maybe.

There are a whole new set of obligations, such as,

1. Obviously, the mortgage

2. Obviously, utilities – gas, water, electricity.

3. Pest control; some of it preventative, some of it killing off the unwanted critters

4. Gardening work; sometimes it is just easier to hire someone else to do the work, especially since they have more equipment than you.

So is it worth it to buy a house? As opposed to renting? Answer: I don’t know. There are pros and cons to it all. It just depends on whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Ten years ago, I wasn’t sure whether I would even be in this position as a new homeowner. Ten years ago, I was still in law school and was about to start my third year. There are plenty of things I wish I had done differently or that things had gone in a different direction. This year has forced a lot of changes  – to grow, to expand, to take up more responsibilities, so that in another 10 years, I will be stronger and ready for more stuff.

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