Living History

Every year until last year, during the Labor Day weekend, Civil War reenactors would take over the Huntington Beach Central Park. They had set up makeshift tents and booths while in costume. Many of them are avid amateur historians: some love that era of American history while others have connections to both sides of the […]

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Military History Q&A Series Q8

Brett’s Question: Learning about the allies invasion of Italy and John Lucas’ hesitation once surprising the Germans behind their lines. Why did he delay? McClellan reincarnated? General John Lucas (US Army General in World War 2) General George B. McCellan (US Army General in the American Civil War) If you are referring to General John Lucas […]

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Local tourism

A thought hit me as I was driving home today. People who show off their travels on social media often highlight their overseas trips. What about local events that they have attended? Do these garner the same attention as trips to Rome, Paris, Milan? As I brooded on this, I realized there were events that […]

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