The Agony of Defeat?

The Olympics are almost over and the closing ceremonies are tonight as I write this post. Throughout the last three weeks, the world was watching their nation’s respective Olympic teams on TV and all devices. We saw many victories, records broken, and of course, the heartache of defeat. One thing that came to my mind […]

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Obstacle? Or Stepping Stone?

Looking back over the last decade and a half, I don’t think I have ever gone through a single year without a new challenge. Whether it was taking Illinois State Bar Exam in 2005 only for my admission to be delayed a full year because of paperwork and a botched test, or going to China […]

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Sports and Politics

I usually don’t like to rant on social media but there are some rare exceptions. Recently, I read in the news that a gay US Olympic athlete refused to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence when the latter headed over to Korea to lead the US Olympic delegation. Ostensibly because Vice President Pence is […]

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Sports Legacy

Every year during championships, I have the following series of thoughts about sports. It often goes back to the scene from “Facing the Giants”. The football coach holds up some money. Name the state championship from ten years ago, he starts. If you can, the money is yours. No one can do it. What about […]

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