Cast No Shadow – Book Review

Cast No Shadow by James Swallow My rating: 5 of 5 stars Cast No Shadow is the continuation of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It occurs seven years after the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis which precipitated the events in the movie. I strongly suggest people to watch the movie first before reading […]

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What I Learned from Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has generated several billion dollars in revenue – from the movies, DVDs, toys, and merchandising. It has spun off multiple parodies and satires, such as Spaceballs being the most famous. Oh, and yes, and conventions: lots of them where the die-hard fans dress up as their favorite characters. Some costumes are […]

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Lessons from Horror Movies

Every year, without fail, from mid-September until October 31, pretty much every channel not airing sports or documentaries will be showing a horror movie. Some are classic while others are newer releases. Furthermore, to get into the mood of the season, The Food Network and Cooking Channel air all their Halloween themed baking or cooking […]

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What I Learned from the Hobbit

This is my follow up blog post to What I Learned from the Lord of the Rings. Partly because my mom went to Hobbiton back in 2017 and took some pictures. However, since she has never seen the books and watched the movies, she asked me what I thought of the movies. First of all, some light humor: So what I have learned? Don’t […]

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What I learned from Lord of the Rings

I have been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy non-stop since 1998. Each year, I would read The Hobbit, followed by Fellowship of the Ring, then The Two Towers and finally Return of the King. It takes about three and a half months during my leisure reading time at night before going to sleep. And I have been doing this every year, so that’s […]

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Exodus Retrospectus Part 1

Our church is now in week 10 of a series in the Book of Exodus. We have just two or three more sermons to go and we are done. During that time, we had several great sermons that were no just great, but somehow timely with some of the events in our church. For example, […]

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Rogue One…

and plot holes. Spoilers alert! I just watched Rogue One: a Star Wars Story this morning. It had been ten days since the release date and the movie theater was not that full. I liked it. In fact, I liked it way more than Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. First, the characters were way […]

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