Puzzles as Metaphors of Life

I have always enjoyed building puzzles and model airplanes as a hobby. To date, I have built close to twenty puzzles of all sizes and topics. I have a picture of the Grand Canyon in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. I bought that as a souvenir from visiting there in Dec 2013. It’s […]

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Socialism’s Appeal?

What is there to like about socialism? I am all for reasonable government programs and spending, like maintain roads and railroads and contracting for waste management. I am all for social programs for those who fell through the cracks. But when you are pushing for too much government oversight that it infringes on moral authority […]

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German Chicken Schnitzel

Traditional German food is my comfort food. Having been to Germany twice and absorbed some of the culture and cuisine, I started to eat more German food in the US. Now for the first time in a few years, I made my own. Instead of pork or veal, I used chicken breasts to make Schnitzel. […]

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