Happy V-E Day!

On May 7, the remnants of the German government signed the instrument of surrender at Rheims, France. Pictured below is Field Marshal Keitel.

Hitler had already committed suicide and his designated successor was Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz. Ironically, Doenitz was no Nazi and as head of the Kriegsmarine, he did not promote the pro-Nazi agenda. Doenitz authorized the surrender.

World War 2 was the most devastating war in human history. The exact number of dead may never be fully known. Nevertheless, when the fighting in Europe ended, there was a mass celebration and outpouring of joy.

As a historian, I encourage others to find out their family’s oral history. Sadly, many WW2 veterans are now dead and the survivors are getting fewer and fewer each year. Find out from your grandparents, if they are still alive, what their experiences were.

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