Return to Melbourne Day 1

I had a chance to go back to Melbourne, from March 24 and left on March 28. The first time, I stayed mainly on the north side of the river. This time, I was staying on the Southbank side and thus allowed me to see parts of the city I had not seen the first time back in 2017. More importantly, during my first time, I did not see any of the night life since I was gone by 5PM since I was staying at my relatives outside the city. I’m going to start this post with pictures at night, even though I had arrived at 11:30AM.

In this picture, I’m standing on south side of the Yarra River near the Evan Walker Bridge to the left and looking north.

Here, this is from the Princes Bridge looking west. In the background are the Docklands. The bridge in the middle is also the Evan Walker Bridge.

Going backwards in time, at dinner, I met up with my relatives in this area full of Asian food. Friday night was at a restaurant called Thai Town which is located in this plaza behind the QVC mall.

Here are some pictures of our dinner: Pineapple fried rice, chicken skewers, vegetables, and Pad Thai. Note that this was a silent selfie; I didn’t ask my family to look at the camera. 🙂

In the afternoon before I met up with my relatives, my mom and I went to the State Library of Victoria. This is the first time for my mom but the second time for me. Back in 2017, the 4th and 5th floors were full of exhibits and were open to the public. This time, those floors were closed and sadly not much to see except the rotunda and the carrels. Some of the exhibits on Ned Kelly were moved to the 3rd floor.

Lastly, this one is taken from Evan Walker Bridge looking east at the Princes Bridge and St. Kilda’s Road.

And that’s it for day one.

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