Four Experts You Can’t Live Without

Nowadays with the Internet, everyone claims to be an expert on something. Just browse YouTube and you have literally millions of channels showcasing their skills and even tutorials. Some are more fun than educational. For example, there is “Camille and Kennerly” – two gorgeous twins playing the harp. They don’t teach people how to play the harp but it is definitely fun watching them. Then there is my new favorite: Drachfindel, a maritime history channel. On the other hand, I found this channel that teaches people how to sow, especially buttons that fell off your pants or shirt. I watched it several times after my pants button fell off. I also found this channel teaching how to crack a computer’s root password in case you bought a used laptop and you don’t know what it is.

That last one is pretty dangerous.

But in the real world, here are some offline experts that I found are indispensable, even if I have to drive 20 miles.


I have yet to see on the Internet a video teaching people how to “Fix your own dental crown in 30 minutes or less!” I am sure dentists and dental groups have posted dental hygiene videos on how to brush your teeth, how to floss, etc. Or reviewing dental products to buy like which brand of dental picks of toothpaste is best for enamel repair. Fixing your own dental crown? That’s beyond absurd.

I have posted before lessons from the dental chair since I have had 3 root canal surgeries and shattered my back molar. It can be scary with all sorts of weird tools poking around your mouth. Each time, the oral surgeons and dentists took great care of me. I healed quickly. I don’t mind driving 15 plus miles because I trust mine.

Barber / Stylist

This is more so for the women but it is also true for men. Women who had anything done to their hair – from cutting to dyeing to perms to highlights – know that if they find a stylist who knows how to do what they want, they stick with that person. They tend to ask for “Babs” or “Jane” and schedule appointments on days that “Jules” is working that day.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there are only a few places that can do good “high and tight”. When the barbers left the shop that I have gone to since 1995, the new barbers/ stylists can be hit or miss. Other shops closer to my new home are generally okay but also depends on who is working that day.

When it comes to your hair and looks, I would not be surprised if you stay with one person, even if they moved 10 miles away.


There are many things you can learn how to do yourself when it comes to servicing your car. For everyone else, you need a good mechanic. For the last ten plus years, I have trusted only one mechanic to fix my Land Rover. For over thirty years, I have trusted another mechanic to fix my Volvos. Even if they are over 40 miles away, I still make appointments with them.

Why them? Why not some mechanic 10 miles closer or a legitimate dealership? Two reasons: 1) competence and 2) integrity/honesty. First of all, if your car is a luxury model or has quirks, even a mechanic who says “he can fix all foreign cars”, it doesn’t mean he knows the quirks of the less common makes and models. Anyone who has a BMW or Land Rover will know that each year’s models can be finicky.

Secondly, the mechanics at this one Land Rover dealership completely misdiagnosed my car! They said I had totaled my engine and would take $3000 to fix. They even had a private buyer lined up to buy my car for scrap. My dad said I should I get a second opinion. He had the car towed to another mechanic who said it was just a transmission hose that came loose and for $110 he will replace the hose and fill it with new transmission fluid.

If you find a good mechanic, stay with him or her.


Given the events of the last three years, finding a good therapist is extremely important. Just don’t choose one based on their reviews on Yelp or Google. There are a lot of objective things that make a good therapist like empathy and lack of judgment. Like any good medical doctor, therapists also need training to make the right diagnosis. However, there are even more important factors:

  • In terms of personality, a counselor might be attractive to one client but isn’t able to “click” with another.
  • One client might respond to reading books while another client hates reading.
  • One client might need highly controversial therapy like an actual exorcism while another needs medication.
  • Christians and practitioners of other faiths tend to respond better to fellow co-religionists.

If you find a good therapist, stay with him or her. Sadly, if you move out of state, you have to find another one.

Honorable Mentions

You might think: “Only four? What about these experts?” Here are a few honorable mentions.

  1. Doctors. I left doctors off because of various reasons: 1) if you move out of state or 2) if you are in a HMO, you really don’t get to choose your doctors.
  2. Lawyer. This is also off the list because: 1) if you move out of state, you have to find a new lawyer who practices in that jurisdiction unless he or she has reciprocity and 2) you are allowed to choose other lawyers if you don’t think your current one is doing a good job.
  3. Pastors. If you are a Christian, don’t jump churches unless your pastor does not preach the whole council of God. The real test is how your pastor handles the hard passages of the Bible. Is he and the church in step with the Holy Spirit or with culture? Does he and the church compromise?
  4. Sushi chef. Yes, sushi chef. Many sushi restaurants have omakaze – or loosely translated as “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese. Good chefs are always asking customers what they like and interpret those choices. Like spicy? He’ll serve some spicy tuna for you. Feel adventurous? How about some octopus or something slippery? And if you go back again and again, they’ll serve just what you want.

Think I missed some other expert? Leave in the comments below.


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