Reviewing 2022 – Learning Languages Stats

6 thoughts on “Reviewing 2022 – Learning Languages Stats

    1. I studied French for over six years and did a summer study abroad there so now it’s just maintenance. I learned German, Swedish, and Russian for the very first time. I did try Vietnamese and Italian but gave up. What about you?

      1. My first language is Spanish, but I mostly speak in English, so my Spanish is on maintenance. I am working on Haitian Creole now for the past 6 months. What’s been your favorite language so far?

      2. It might probably be Irish. I tried that one too and it is extremely lyrical. French is almost 2nd nature that it lost some of the appeal. Why do you want to do Haitian Creole?

      3. Irish!? Interesting!
        I’m learning Haitian Creole to potentially reach out to Haitian people with the Gospel 😀

      4. That is very important. Are you with a ministry or church outreach? I volunteer with Wycliffe Associates. They might have some opportunities and resources.

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