Review: A Bend in the Road

A Bend in the Road: Finding God When Your World Caves In by David Jeremiah

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just read this book during one of the difficult times in my life. Pastor David Jeremiah is so honest about his struggles and how the Bible provides so much hope to get through our crises. Yes, crises, plural. The author had received the first diagnosis in 1994 and began treatment immediately. Suddenly, when he thought he was doing well, the cancer came back in 1998. That’s another bend.

Pastor Jeremiah is not alone; in this book, he includes other stories besides diseases. One poignant story was about a woman whose husband was arrested for some crime. There is nothing in any pre-marital counseling course for that. And it is not just the arrest; usually, there might be some deception involved.

This book is an encouragement to go forward; we can never go back. We have a new normal. I mean, let’s look at the most recent pandemic. Are you the same person as you were before it all started in February 2020? Is your family the same? Is society the same? The answer, of course, is no. The question is now: what kind of person are you? How are you going forward? Where is your hope to keep moving forward?

Throughout it all, God is the source of hope, strength and wisdom for a Christian. When we look up at Jesus, we receive all the comfort we will never need. We might not get the answers, but we WILL get the peace and God’s presence. That might be worth more than all the gold in the world.

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