Remembering 9/11

Twenty one years have passed. That means an entire generation has come of age knowing only GWOT and never experiencing the horror of that late summer morning. They have never experienced the bewilderment and realization that America will never be the same again. The stories about those who escaped from the Twin Towers or the Pentagon are fading as the documentaries tend to be re-runs now. There are stories about how people missed a meeting or flight that fateful day and are alive – well, some of them have already passed away.

Furthermore, there are enough children born and growing up without their fathers and mothers since they died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their parents are heroes but all they have left are photos, stories, a box of medals, and that precious American flag.

I am saddened that our country is focused on the things that divide us instead of the things that unite us: love of country, honor, sacrifice, and generosity.

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