Creation Basics & Beyond

Creation Basics & Beyond by Various

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I first bought this book at an Institute of Creation Research hosted at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back in 2013. I even got several panelists to autograph my copy.

It took me 8 plus years to read this book because the different contributors represented different disciplines. Some of them were easy to read and the logic also easy to follow for a layman. For example, talking about the fossil record (or lack of) was easy. By contrast, talking about drilling ice cores to date the age of the Earth went over my head. I know they were looking and finding/not finding things that show how evolutionary time was wrong. If you are a geologist and can understand their logic, great.

But because each chapter tends to be short – 6-8 pages max – the author doesn’t fully develop their arguments. In some cases, it might be that they never researched that topic fully since their strengths and degrees lie elsewhere. Take UFOs. There are plenty of research on UFOs but the author of the UFO, Jason Lisle, is not a MUFON fan or researcher. At best, he can say that you can’t do a “Giorgio” – “I don’t know, I can’t prove it, therefore aliens.” Dr. Lisle would even use naturalistic explanations (mistaken for Venus), very human devices (satellites and planes), before going to the “alien” route. As for the actual videos provided by the US DOD or UK MOD, that’s not for the Institute of Creation Research to answer. Much better to be human and say “I don’t know but I can find out.” Isn’t that what a real scientist does?

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