4 Things I Enjoy in the Fall

October is here and with it comes the Fall season. When I lived in Chicago, October was a welcome relief from the humidity and the heat. There might be a few days when it was still hot with temperatures in the low 90s, but those were rare. Now, living in southern California, there are a few days that are just as hot but the night time is much more comfortable. Besides the weather, what else do I like about fall?

1. Pumpkins! On the other hand, I hate Halloween.

I’d rather have pumpkin soup. This is probably my favorite soup during the fall. My mom makes a great soup during Thanksgiving Day dinner.

2. Apples

I went apple picking twice in 2005. The first time was exactly 14 years ago today. I I had gone with my church on the day I was supposed to find out whether I had passed the Illinois state bar exam and whether I’d be a lawyer. To keep my mind from worrying, I had signed up to go apple picking in Indiana. And yes, I did pass.

I went a second time, this time to Michigan, about a month later.

It was a little colder and there were a lot fewer people hanging around. Nevertheless, it was worth a little trip out of the city. Chicago in November can get depressing. Worse if you are unemployed and bored.

3. Early Snow… Depending on where you are

By Fall 2009, I was living in NE China, teaching English as a small school. October becomes November, but it is still technically “Fall”. I took this picture on November 12, 2009.

4. A Time to Harvest

Pumpkins, apples, and lots of other fruits and grains are gathered in the fall. For those who live in the city, it’s not so obvious. Sure, restaurants and Starbucks trot out fall flavors but fall is more than pumpkin spice lattes and food. I believe it is also a time to look back at all the hard work we put in January to September, thinking about all the challenges we went through this year – the times we were challenged, the times we suffered, and also the good things that have happened too.

This year, I know 4 women who had given birth around the same week in April 2019. For one of them, this was her first child. For the other three, this was their second, or third or fifth. Six months later, all four babies are healthy and out and about. I can’t imagine all the hours a woman goes through in a pregnancy; some are mercifully short while others way more. But God is good to those four families and every day they rejoice.

I’d rather skip Halloween and go straight to Thanksgiving. That way, I get to enjoy apple pies and pumpkin pies.

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