The Traitor Within

(A poem based on Joshua 7)

I have a traitor within
He wears my face
Walks around in my place
And causes me to sin

I have a traitor in my head
He likes to fight
Won’t stop at night
And goes to sleep in my bed

I have a traitor within
He plots my downfall
Aims to breach the wall
And let the enemy in

Have you heard of the traitor Achan
Who hid some forbidden loot
And since selling them was moot
This caused his unmaking

His acts go far than his own sin
His nation stumbled
And all their soldiers fumbled
All for some shiny little tin

The traitor unmasked, the penalty given
They put him and his kin to permanent rest
And burned all the rest
So that the nation would be forgiven

We all have a traitor within
In our souls, in our head
So until we are dead
We fight this war and pray to win

Victory is possible
Trust the Lord with all your heart
In Him be stalwart
Then you will be invincible

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