Review of Torch of Freedom

Torch of Freedom (Honorverse: Wages of Sin, #2)

Torch of Freedom by David Weber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Torch of Freedom is the second book in one of the two spin-off series from the main Honorverse. In both series, David Weber has asked a fellow sci-fi author to collaborate. It is a testament to how well the two continue to weave and expand the universe.

As a general note, when established series have spinoffs, they usually take the route like the Stargate universe where Stargate: Atlantis branched out from Stargate SG-1 and took a life of its own. Stargate Universe became its own “universe” (pardon the pun) and barely refers back to SG-1 except for cameos. All three shows share a common back story and “mythology”.

Meanwhile, this book heavily depends on the first book in the series (Crown of Slaves) AND the main books 10-11: War of Honor, At All Costs, and maybe the beginning of the twelfth book Mission of Honor.

Weber and Flint continue to expand on the Maya Sector characters of Governor Oravil Barregos and now Rear Admiral Luis Rozak. They seem to have a bromance, along with their capable staff. The two of them might have their own self-interests why they are on the side of good, but you start to root for them too. They are a contrast to the other Solarians who seem to be more bluster than ability. Barregos and Rozak have to deal with the type of dilemma all good individuals face in a corrupt system and internal reforms just are not working.

It’s worth comparing them with their Havenite counterparts – the People’s Republic of Haven in the same universe was once honorable and good. Then socialism and conquest changed the nation. You have characters like Rob S. Pierre (very thinly disguised analog to the Jacobin Maximilian Robespierre in the French Revolution), Thomas Theisman, and Warner Caslet. The Havenites chose to do one thing while the Solarians / Mayans are choosing a different option. See the next few books and the finale in Uncompromising Honor.

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