Symbio Zoo

Last year, I went to Sydney, Australia and as I said in my previous post, I still have not posted extensively about my trip. Yesterday was a teaser about seeing the Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains. Actually, due to regular mists, my cousins and I did not see the actual formation. That was somewhat expected, according to my cousins.

Today’s post will be out of chronological order; visiting the Blue Mountains was during the middle of the trip. My visit to the Symbio Zoo was near the beginning of the trip.

Quick: What’s the first question anyone asks when they hear someone went to Australia (or is from Australia)?

Answer: did you see any kangaroos?

Follow up: Did you eat any kangaroos and how did they taste?


At the Symbio Zoo, people have a chance to feed the Kangaroo some grass and whatever else those animals eat. No, I didn’t get in a fight with one. In fact, some were pretty shy. I also saw something that few people might have seen or noticed: a joey (young kangaroo) was so cold that he crawled back inside his mother. Yes, it was pretty cold that day – mid 60Fs (15C).

Speaking of cold weather, I was told that I absolutely HAVE to try their meat pies. It is supposedly a hearty snack on cold days, especially at Australian League rugby games. Since I was not at a game, a snack at the zoo will do.


At the zoo, obviously, I wanted to learn more about the local animals – species you don’t see back home in the US. So I paid attention to the signs. While the signs are there, the birds are not. They might be hiding.


Or how about flightless one?


Then there are the big cats…


… some more active than the others.

And lest we forget? What’s the other national animal of Australia? The koala. The best part of the visit: while we were waiting for the handlers, we heard some of the koalas croaking or calling. Few people have heard it so it was pretty epic. Here is one of the handlers with a koala.

koala-handler All in all, it was a great day with my friends who graciously let me stay in their house.

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