Review of “The Heart of Matter” by Evan Currie

The Heart of Matter (Odyssey One, #2)The Heart of Matter by Evan Currie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m starting to like this series; I only started because of a Kindle discount on all Evan Currie books. Somehow, I happened to be read 3 books in 3 different series – and all of them were book 2 in the series. Funny how that happens.

The first quarter is pretty much what I expected: Weston and the Odyssey trying to help their new allies. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Weston is dealing with the consequences of his actions and for the most part it was positive.

Currie does a good job with characters, dialogue, and thickening the plot. Who are the Drasin? Who is controlling them? One thing he left unresolved was the fate of one Priminae ship which was boarded by the Drasin. They had destroy a third of the ship to save the other two thirds. I guess they made it back to their home. Otherwise, solid plot.

In my past review, i compared it to a mix of Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek TNG, and a host of other “one lone ship against a vast horde” motif series. I stand by it and also how Currie has his own take.

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