Military History Q&A Series Q13

Hmmm…. I had a bit of an oops moment yesterday when I realized Q6 and Q12 were the same. I changed Q6 to another question.

I also can’t believe we’re on question 13. 

Brett’s Question: How would the results on the western front have changed if Hitler didn’t also have to engage on the Eastern front with the Russians?

Justin’s Answer:

First of all, after the fall of France in June 1940, Britain was still willing to fight so the war wasn’t over yet. However, there was no definitive game plan yet; the Americans hadn’t join the war and Britain had to go it alone for almost another year.


Second, the top German admirals were very convinced the Royal Navy remained strong and Operation Sea Lion – the cross channel invasion – could not happen.

What you might (hypothetically) end up with is another weak stalemate like late 1939 – early 1940. Instead, the war shifted to the Balkans: Yugoslavia and Greece became the next flash points.


What happened in real life and could happen in your hypothetical – engage the Germans elsewhere, like North Africa.



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