Experiencing the Filipino Food F-henomenon

Ever since my trip to the Philippines two years ago, I started appreciating Filipino food more. Before 2016, I rarely ate Filipino food. After 2016, I now eat it maybe once every 3-4 months.

One such place for Filipino is Jollibee’s. The “bee” is big over there; it’s their equivalent of McDonald’s.


Like the Big Mac at McDo, the classic dish that defines Jollibee’s is called a “chicken joy”. It’s just basically fried chicken served over rice with gravy.


Recently, I went back with coworkers and tried more items on the menu. This was their burger steak meal:


As you can see, looks like a Salisbury steak meal minus the vegetables.

Ironically, I did not eat at Jollibee’s when I was in Manila and Bagabag. I ate more at the Bee in the US. And to my chagrin, the US menu is less than the ones over there. There are simply more items; this is their export version. All my Filipino friends or those whose wives are Filipino agree: it’s just not the same.

Stay tuned for more.

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