A Day at the Orange County Fair

Time to lighten things up.

Each year, the Orange County Fair is held at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California. It is a showcase of local farms, agriculture, one pottery studio, and a carnival. It is extremely family oriented.

One barn had sheep and pygmy or dwarf animals. Here is one.

Another one:


The little boy in the stroller at the bottom left is CJ. His mother Sarah is the wife of co-worker and the sister of another; they’re from out of town but wanted to see the fair. He was quiet the whole day and got to see animals. Cool.

Of course, there are horses. You cannot realize appreciate the size of the horses but this one is a big guy.

Although not a beer drinker, I was still able to admire the magnificent Clydesdale horses that pull the Budweiser wagon:


This big guy is resting in his enclosure before performing later in the day. That distinctive brown and white is very recognizable for this breed of horse.

And an alpaca:


Then there are other types of displays, this time by humans, that are just as enjoyable. Some street performers passed by just as we left the animals.


Carnival food exists in a class of their own. For lunch, it was a deep fried pepperoni pizza with some ranch dipping sauce:


I have never liked ranch sauce. At all. Not on sandwiches, or with chicken wings, or over a salad, or with any other food. But it did help just a tiny bit on this deep fried pizza. If you like ranch dressing, good for you. Here, have a carrot. 😀


Around three, my friend Sarah wanted to introduce our other friend Sunny from China to the joys of a good funnel cake.


Here is Sunny trying funnel cake for the first time:


I mentioned agriculture:

It was a great day in the summer; it was hot but wasn’t too hot. It was nice to take a day off work and spend it with visitors. I have not been to the OC Fair in years. I think the last time I went, it was to see the Christian band Point of Grace perform. That was in the late 90s! Well, I’m glad to have gone again.

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