The Evilness of Evil

Even as I write this post, there was a major incident in London, England. Someone on London Bridge has stopped a van and opened fire on the crowd. It is not senseless because someone planned it. It is chaotic and deadly. It’s evil.

Somehow, the modern world has forgotten how evil the world is. We deluded ourselves because we teach that man is essentially good but it is his behaviors that is bad. Perhaps education can solve it or change our circumstances and people will be good again.

Unfortunately, this is only skin deep. Evil lies in our attitude, our thoughts, and in our hearts. It violates our very nature. Christians believe we are made in the image of God. It means we have value and capable to appreciate beauty and value in others. Evil is like taking a screwdriver to the Mona Lisa.

There is a remedy to evil. It’s found in the sacrificial death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone. He alone has the power to transform people from the inside out. He alone offers that cure because he took on sin and the devil head on.

Although life is complicated than literary villians like Sauron or Voldemort because those characters were clearly evil, it does not mean that good is too simple to be true. We just forgot or deluded ourselves because we have never seen evil this close in the real world.

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