Failure of Man

Let’s face it: mankind has failed.

Man failed politically. When was the last time any political party in any country in world has solved every issue? Certainly not the Communists. They ended up killing their own people. Read up on the Soviet Five Year Plans or China’s Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution or Pol Pot in Cambodia. Don’t get started on North Korea or Cuba. In the US, neither the Democrats or the Republicans have done any better. Don’t look at Barack or Hillary or Donald; don’t blame them either. Politics has become vicious and exposed every evil in the hearts of men.

Man has failed socially. There are millions of social organizations out there and all of them started to address some issue. John Muir and the Sierra Club for conservation; the Red Cross for humanitarian rescue and aid in war and in peace; even radical groups like the Black Panthers and now Black Lives Matter for racial equality. But when has any social organization truly change people? “Save the world.” “Save black people from police brutality.” “Save people from disaster.” – But you haven’t saved a single soul or transform him for the better.

Man has failed spiritually. Six major religions in the world and countless of sects, cults, philosophies and other belief systems. Then there are the professed atheists and agnostics. Show me a person who says they have followed all the laws of their belief system all the time and I’ll show you a liar. Religion and forms of spirituality cannot save man or transform a man. It is in man’s nature to sin and worse he cannot deal with Pride  – the most insidious of all sins.

It is through pride that the devil became the devil. – C.S. Lewis

Man has failed familially. Divorce. Spouse or child abuse and neglect of all sorts. It does not matter if you are homosexual or heterosexual. It does not matter if you are black, white, Asian, in Europe, in Africa, in the Americas. It exists.

As I write this post, it is the Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. It is a good to reflect on the following:

I have failed spiritually. As a Christian, sin is still eating at my from the inside. Pride, lust, anger and malice, self-reliance, and selfishness are all there. As the adage goes: for every finger you point, three are pointing back at you. I am reminded of  a story involving famous English author G.K. Chesterton. When a newspaper in England published this article: “What’s wrong with the world?” Chesterton wrote back: “Dear sir, I am. Yours, G.K. Chesterton.” (Chesterton later expanded that letter into a full book now available on public domain.)

Perhaps the Apostle Paul summed it best:

O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?


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