A Trip to Catalina Island

Back in late October, seventy guys went to Catalina Island for a men’s retreat. Another group was traveling to the same retreat center and so we split the giant Campus By the Sea owned and operated by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Here are some pictures

1. Here is the lighthouse at the edge of the San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles. 3:30pm. Awesome light and clouds and waves.IMG_20161028_155242

2.  Once we got on the island, we had our retreat. Seventy guys singing their hearts out and listening to teachings from the Bible.


3. Here is our playtime on the beach.


4. Some interesting moss and seaweed rocks by the shore:


5. How about this panorama?


6. Home sweet home

7. It’s not just humans on the island.

8. It started raining on the way back Sunday morning. That made for the return trip on the ferry a very interesting ride. Choppy seas but it didn’t stop men from being men. We saw a pod of dolphins in the channel between the island and the mainland. Some of us were all too excited to see the dolphins:


10. Of course, let’s not forget the wind and the waves.

All in all, it was a great weekend away from normal life.

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