Eating during a Stay-Vacation

Every now and then, I like to talk about food. I had this thought during the Christmas and New Years vacation. During both long weekends, I ate lunch at home. Usually, at the office, I slap together a sandwich in two minutes or less so I can get out the door before hitting traffic. However, during a vacation, I have so much more leisure time to make a sandwich to my liking.

– I can make a tuna melt (15 minutes).

– I can fry up some bacon to put on my turkey Swiss sandwich (10 minutes).

– I can make ham and eggs, steak and eggs, or an omelet (15 minutes +)

– I can make an egg salad with all the fillings I want (20 minutes).

In addition, I can add soup, usually from a can (10 minutes).

All of this is much better than a quickly made sandwich or the microwave-able leftovers or microwave lunches. This is one of the things I enjoy during a stay-cation.

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