Local tourism

A thought hit me as I was driving home today. People who show off their travels on social media often highlight their overseas trips. What about local events that they have attended? Do these garner the same attention as trips to Rome, Paris, Milan? As I brooded on this, I realized there were events that I have pictures for and ought to share on the blogsphere as well as on other social media site.

<phttp://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2156188576533.2119397.1001034473&type=1&l=34a35beda6&#8243; title=”Facebook album” target=”_blank”>>http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2156188576533.2119397.1001034473&type=1&l=34a35beda6

This is the time there was a major American Civil war reenactment right in Huntington Beach, California. For two days and two nights, American Civil war actors from both the North and the South put on costumes representing various units. They staged displays and mock battles firing blank ammunition. They showed off meat smokers, rifles, pistols, and erected tents. All of them were allowed to stay in the park over night on a nice September night in 2011. They even tried to get me to join a unit the next day! Unfortunately, I had to go to church.

2 thoughts on “Local tourism

  1. I love to travel but I want to explore my own country first before I experience the rest of the world. Most of my posts highlight the beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines. I guess it’s also a way of promoting tourism in my homeland.

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