What I miss

Up on the roof

While I was in India, every meal was on the patio on the top floor of the house. And it was not just meals; we had team meetings there as well. Before breakfast each day, I would go to the patio and read the Bible for about twenty minutes or so. Sometimes I would snack on a granola bar and watch the early morning traffic pass by on the road. The roof also afforded a good view of the surrounding areas which included a Hindu temple… and the lot where trash from the neighboring houses found themselves.

Back home, except for lunch at work, all my meals are taken indoors. I miss the gentle breeze as it blows through the roof. I don’t miss eating with only my right hand. I miss some of the team members. I don’t miss the fear that the next day will be the day that causes indigestion or worse diarrhea even though I carried chewable Pepto Bismol around. I miss Thums Up, the Indian version of RC Cola.

But when I look at the above photo taken the first day, I recall that at that time, many of the teammates were still strangers to me since I missed half of the training. And yet within days, I knew a lot of about them and vice versa. So if any of them are reading this, I miss you too.

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