Preparations begin

I was surprised to see one person who read the first page – other than the TA! 🙂

Tonight was an informal team meeting bonding over BBQ in someone’s back yard. Some of the people and the team leaders I’ve met already. Some I have not met before. On the whole, everyone seems to be diverse and unified at the same time. There are 3 families going: a family of five, a husband and wife duo, and a mother and teenage son. There seems to be more girls than guys going, especially factoring some who could not make it tonight. We played some get to know you games which are light but crucial to break the ice.

Here are some questions to break the ice:

– Would you rather skydive or scuba dive? (Skydive for me, because why use an apparatus that stands for Some Come Up Barely Alive?)

– Would you rather swim in shark infested waters or walk over lava? (Hard to say: how big and aggressive are the sharks?)


Formal training is in two weeks.

In the mean time, I’ve begun some training myself that is meant to supplement to regular training.

1. Physical training: more running, push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks, stretches.

2. Mental training: intelligence briefings on a regular basis; gathering intel.

Here are some facts about India, summarized from wikipedia

– India has one of the largest military belonging to  a rather stable democracy in that region.

– India’s chief political rival: Pakistan. India’s chief economic rival: China. India’s chief strategic ally: Israel.

– During the Cold War, India was one of the leading forces in the Third World, non-aligned movement. That says a lot… in its favor.

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