Hello world!

Welcome to the rebirth of the Amicus Veritae blog! Originally this was on livejournal but since Livejournal has become “That’s so-2005”, I have now migrated this to wordpress.com. That blog was just a series of rants and anti-liberal propaganda. I’ve decided to add a bit of class by blogging about my upcoming preparations for a trip to India at the end of this year and returning the first week of the new year.


You may ask: Where? Why? With Whom? and How?

Like any good entertainer or story writer, I won’t tell you all at the beginning. You’ll just have to follow along and see (to be exact, read) what happens. There will be some days where I have reverted to bad habits and rant. There will be days when I am passing along information. And there will be days when I want to talk about an epiphany I just had.

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